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Our goal is to make the lives of those who have been impacted by life-altering events, as fulfilling as possible. We provide home and community-based assessments and individualized treatment programs, reactivation programs, cognitive rehabilitation and compensatory strategy training, work site assessments, return to work planning, Functional Capacity Evaluations and community reintegration.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A moderate or severe traumatic brain injury can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to perform their every day activities, across all domains of life. We provide a comprehensive assessment to determine areas of functional deficit after which we develop an individualized treatment plan using evidence based treatment modalities. Treatment may include cognitive remediation and compensatory strategy training to address areas such as attention, memory, organization and executive functioning.

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Concussion Management

Though the majority of concussions resolve on their own, without the need for intervention, for some, symptoms persist and support is required. At Integrated Rehab Services, we focus on treating non-sport related concussions, providing individualized treatment plans and education to address the typical post concussive symptoms including sleep disruption, headaches, fatigue, double vision, difficulties with balance and dizziness, anxiety, irritability, memory and attention difficulties. We connect clients with our trusted community based providers for additional services required based on need.

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Case Management

Following an injury, it can be difficult to navigate the road of recovery, to identify care needs and find appropriate service providers to meet those needs. To assist in this regard, we complete a comprehensive needs assessment, usually at an individual’s home, identifying treatment and equipment needs after which we assist to coordinate and facilitate treatment, working collaboratively with team members. We generate reports outlining cost estimates of rehabilitation care required to secure Section B benefits and benefits from third party insurance providers.

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Behavioral Activation

Behavioral activation is a practical, evidence-based therapeutic intervention in which we aim to increase an individual’s engagement in meaningful and enjoyable activities, thereby supporting their receipt of positive emotional reward. By using activation as well as other behavioral strategies, we work individually with people struggling with depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns to regain their sense of satisfaction, mastery and reach their identified goals.

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Vocational Services

We work closely with employees, employers and long term disability providers to support successful and sustainable return to work programs. Services include behavioural activation, work site visits, job coaching, functional capacity evaluations, the development of functional job descriptions and gradual return to work programs.

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Work Readiness Group

We facilitate a group designed to prepare employees to return to work through a skills acquisition and behavioral activation approach, using the theoretical foundations of CBT, DBT and functional restoration. The closed group runs for eight weeks (two hours per session) and is facilitated by two occupational therapists.

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Vision Therapy

Following a concussion, traumatic brain injury, or stroke, many clients experience challenges with their vision. Symptoms may include double vision, headaches with reading or screens, dizziness or nausea, decreased visual attention, feeling uncomfortable in crowds, difficulty reading or understanding content and poor visual memory. Vision Therapy programming is individualized to help improve control of your vision system and increase vision efficiency, muscle control and spatial awareness. Functional training compensation and environmental adaptation may be required for some individuals.

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Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is an evidenced based therapeutic process to treat PTSD and anxiety. We work collaboratively with clients to identify triggers for their anxiety and develop a graded exposure hierarchy inclusive of imaginal and in vivo activities to gradually confront the stimuli and cope with the resultant emotional response. We support clients in the clinic, home and community settings assisting clients to regain control over their anxiety related to life or work-related incidents.

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We provide individualized programming for individuals who have contracted COVID-19 and continue to experience the physical, cognitive and emotional effects of this illness. Programming may address fatigue, sleep disruption, headaches, brain fog, and mental health concerns.

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We offer kinesiology services to assist individuals to integrate exercise programming into their daily routine. For individuals with cognitive difficulties or those who have completed their physical therapy programming, yet need ongoing support to maintain the outcomes of their physical rehabilitation, a kinesiologist can support ongoing programming. Services can be provided in the community, your home or a local gym.

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Rehabilitation Assistant

A rehabilitation assistant is available to assist our clients with community activation, social, behavioural activation and leisure involvement. Under the supervision of the occupational therapist, the rehabilitation assistant can assist to maximize community integration and generalization of strategies to enhance the rehabilitation process.

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Other Services

We also offer additional services including hospital discharge support, home safety, equipment, art therapy, mindfulness training, chronic pain/fatigue management, mental health and CBT for Insomnia. Please feel free to contact us to discuss services.

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